8 Things to Love About Living in the Pacific Northwest

//8 Things to Love About Living in the Pacific Northwest
Living in the PNW

No region compares to the Pacific Northwest. It is known for great mountain ranges, deep temperate rainforests, grand lakes, national parks, bustling cities and quiet towns. The region has a lot to offer anybody who is looking for a place to move into. So here are 10 things to love about living in the Pacific Northwest.

1) The Great Outdoors

Those who enjoy the outdoors will love everything that Washington has to offer. Mt. Rainier stands 14,410 feet high and is perfect for hiking, mountain climbing, and scenic driving. The Cascade Mountains feature ski resorts like Mission Ridge (for skiers of all levels) and Crystal Mountain (for alpine skiers).

If you don’t want to go up a mountain, you can enjoy the seascapes of the state. Destinations in the Puget Sound are perfect for those who like to sail, kayak, and whale-watch.

2) The Best of Nature and Urban Living

Many places in the Northwest bring together the best of nature and the best of urban living. Bellevue is a beautiful city known as the “City in a Park”. Bellevue is full of natural beauty, but it is also home to some of the country’s largest tech companies and businesses.

Seattle also offers a perfect balance of outdoor adventure and bustling city life. You can experience the colorful urban neighborhoods at the metropolitan center, but also enjoy the fresh water lakes and evergreen forests that surround the city.

3) Loads of Entertaining Events

In a thriving city like Seattle, there’s always an event happening somewhere. Sometimes it’s a big weekend festival like Bumberbershoot or Folklife. Other times, it’s a celebration of the city’s heritage like the Maritime Festival or the Ballard SeaFood Fest. During the holidays, it could be the Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition. With all of these festivities, there’s never a reason to stay home bored.

4) Quiet Little Towns

Aside from lively cities, the Northwest also has nice little towns like Redmond that are perfect for laid-back lifestyles. It was even ranked as the 5th Best Small Town in America in 2012. Safewise also says that Redmond is one of the safest cities in Washington, with a crime rate that is “two times less than that of the rest of the state.”

5) Employment Opportunities

The State of Washington is home to many businesses and companies that span different sectors such as agriculture, food processing, advanced manufacturing, and information communication technology. In fact, Seattle is home to a thriving tech industry, with Amazon and Microsoft both having headquarters in its metropolitan area.

Even in smaller cities like Redmond, you can find job opportunities. Spirling’s Best Places says that Redmond’s unemployment rate is only 3.40%, which is about half of the national average. Job growth is a great thing, and jobs in the city have steadily increased through the years.

6) Trusted Transportation Network

Getting around the Pacific Northwest is pretty easy. Washington alone has 75 ports, 139 airports and 3,300 miles of roadways. If cars are not your thing, you can check out the Bicycle Capital of the Northwest. Redmond has over 30 miles of streets that have bike lanes on both sides of the road, and has the largest number of bicyclists in the region.

7) Educational Programs

According to GradSchools, around 32% of the people living in Washington have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, thanks to the state’s public universities, private and public colleges, workforce training programs, and 34 community colleges.

8) The Northwest is Colorful, Vibrant and Diverse

Living in the Pacific Northwest is colorful and diverse. From the oceanic climate of Western Washington to the very dry climate of the eastern part of the region, there are so many different places to visit and explore. You will also find people of different cultures and ethnicities living together, making the Northwest a vibrant place to live.

This is a Fantastic Place to Live!

There are so many great reasons to live in the Northwest, that’s why more and more people are looking for homes in the region. If you have any plans to sell your home in the future, make sure that it is in top shape with the help of RW West Consulting and Inspection Services. Our annual check-up inspections will help you learn if there are any maintenance problems that need to be addressed. We will help you protect your investment and ensure the safety of your family at the same time.

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